String/ Symbol Array interpolation

Ruby is heavily inspired by Perl. And accordingly Ruby borrowed the Perl percentage notation for generating an Array. Creating a simple String Array in the ‘%’ notation:

%w(Ruby Python Javascript) # => ["Ruby", "Python", "Javascript"]

is fairly unimpressive.
But interpolating in the same percentage notation requires a the upper case ‘%’ identifier:

choosen_language = 'Ruby'
%W(#{choosen_language} Python Javascript) # => ["Ruby", "Python", "Javascript"]

The Symbol companion is very analog. First the non interpolated Symbol Array:

%i(ruby python javascript) # => [:ruby, :python, :javascript]

which also is interpolateable, but again requires the upper case percentage keyword:

choosen_language = :ruby
%I(#{choosen_language} python javascript) # => [:ruby, :python, :javascript]